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Oldschool Gangsters


Coming up

Oldschool Gangsters X JAck

Livestream 11 juli 2020

Livestream vanuit restaurant&bar Jack

Dine and Dance Livestream waar jij bij kunt zijn!

LET OP! Laatste plaatsen!

11 juli 2020

1e livestream

18.00 – 20.30

2e livestream

21:00 – 23:30

Oldschool Gangsters

Outdoor 29 mei 2021

Brielse Meer

Fase 1 uitverkocht

Fase 2 uitverkocht

Fase 3 uitverkocht!

 Laatste fase nu online!

23 mei 2020

29 mei 2021

Did you miss it?

This is the Saturday May 23 live stream!

Did you miss it?

This is the Saturday April 18 live stream!

set starts at 5:30

In order to respond to the many requests to start streaming live, we had to come up with an answer.

We really don’t want to leave you without our music in this uncomfortable period. So we decided to arrange it for the home sitters.

Stay tuned for more live events.

Oldschool Gangsters

La Famiglia

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Oldschool, House Classics, Early Rave, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore since 2005

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